The Lottie Show: the story behind

– The story behind the story…

“The Lottie Show” starring Jewelz A Hoopz and Peter Morgan

Catherine Lee, originally created the story of Lottie the Super Hula Hooper, in 2009. Catherine, an early childhood teacher, was inspired by her childhood love of hula hooping and working with preschool children. Her goal is for all the preschool children who come through her doors to leave being able to hoop. Catherine’s husband Peter Morgan is a professional musician and entertainer who loves bringing the joy of music to all ages.

As Peter sat in the sandpit with his guitar listening to Catherine tell the story of Lottie and watching the children hula hoop it set his fingers a strumming and the Super Hula Hooper song was born. In December 2010 Catherine asked Jewelz A Hoopz a professional hula hooper to surprise Peter by playing Lottie and bring her to life. This surprise was for the launch of Peter’s CD “Take a Step Outside Your Door” at a conference for preschool teachers. Peter’s CD features the Lottie story and song.

You can find more information about Peter via his website:

From that day forth a friendship and working relationship formed between Catherine, Peter and Jewelz.  In January 2013, Jewelz approached Catherine and Peter to ask if she could develop the story to expand it into a show. They were very excited because they also wanted the same thing.

And so started their journey together story writing, editing, composing, creating, developing and lots of laughing began and after lots of obstacles they are now bringing Lottie out to play.