Jewelz A Hoopz

She is a vibrant and bubbly entertainer for all ages.
Jewelz adds colour to any event or celebration and is very interactive, sparking joy and happiness to young and old.

You’ll love seeing Jewelz ROVE at your event.
Perhaps even engage you in a fun workshop, which could include learning a choreographed routine, even for newbies.
You can become a HOOPStar in just an hour!

She’ll dazzle, amaze and wow you with her Hoopspertise for a cabaret evening or a corporate event.

She’ll illuminate your event with her LED hoops.

Let Jewelz heat up your night with her FIRE twirling.

You can also engage Jewelz to specially design & choreograph performances to suit your needs.

Be that music videos, school performances, for theatre, parties and any other event.