Hula Hoop workshops:

For all ages and all levels. From Beginners to advanced.

The Hula Hoop can spin into your life in so many ways. 

Be it for circus, dance, fitness, fun, meditative or performance. 

There are great benefits to be reaped from this now plastic circle.

What do you want to learn? We can customize your Hula Hoop experience.

Hula Hooping 101, A-Z of Hooping, Hula Hooping from Top to Toe, Hoop Dance, Circus Style Hooping, Hoop Fitness, Hoopography aka Hoop Choreography and Hooptation (a moving meditation).

Check out Jewelz's Preschool Program

Circus Skills for Beginners:

An introduction to different circus skills:

Hula Hoops, juggling, flower sticks, balancing, poi, ribbons, spinning plates

Circus Prop making:

“Learn how to make your equipment & then how to use it!”

    • Flower Sticks
    • Hula Hoops
    • Juggling Balls
    • Ribbons
    • Sock Poi

Fire Hooping:

Learn about safe fire spinning in a controlled and safe environment.

Learn the different techniques of spinning with a fire prop.

Then put it all into action.

Recycling & revamping:

Revamp T-shirts & tights through cutting and weaving. Make your own wallet/purse out of a milk carton. Or make a tutu out of plastic bags?

We can provide specially designed workshops to suit your needs for:
Schools – Preschool, Primary, High School
Vacation Incursions – School Holiday Programs
Before and After School Care
Play dates – Play groups
Dance Schools
Drama Schools