World Hoop Day started on the 6th day of the 6th month of 2006 and then followed on from there 7.7.07 / 8.8.08 / 9.9.09 / 10.10.10 / 11.11.11 / 12.12.12 and then they were like what to do now?

So they decided on the first weekend of October and so it went.

For many years there was a hoop dance that was choreographed to celebrate and it brought together many hoopers from many countries.

Myself, I became a World Hoop Day Ambassador often gifting hoops & running free workshops to learn the dance and then hoop jamming on the day and performing it together for World Hoop Day… I’ve missed a few but this year 2019 it will be back on!

Celebrating our love of the hula hoop and all it encompasses. Bringing together community, making people joyous, creating playfulness and putting smiles on peoples faces. That is what it is all about… so stay tuned for wherever I will be there will be something happening on World Hoop Day.

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