Make it the first one: Superpower of Kindness Show

Kindness is My Superpower Show will inspire your preschoolers to be kind to their body and mind by making smart choices. This interactive and empowering show promotes kindness and self-love, encouraging positive choices for both them and others. Promoting mindfulness, exercise, sleep, eating a rainbow, and asking for

help, your preschoolers will leave feeling happy, confident, and ready to shine their unique light.

During the show the children learn how making smart choices for our body and mind will fuel them up so that they can grow their superpowers. One of Jewelz’s superpowers is hula hoops, but she thinks that the best superpower in the world is “Kindness”, starting with kindness to oneself.

You will be sent resources before and after the incursion so that you can continue to spread kindness through your centre and out in the community.

If you’d like more information about the EYL outcomes, please email Jewelz:

Jewelz will teach you her own special Kindness meditation and using songs from Australian artists during the show:

“Born to Shine” by Angela Grima (

“I Ate a Rainbow” by the Teeny Tiny Stevies (


“Super to Me” by the Beanies (