I developed Hooptation when I was getting bored with my physio exercises.

I had a car accident in 2011 and I still get back pain.

Motion is Lotion said my physio.

I totally agree, if I stop moving I get worse.

So I combined my love of pranayama (breathing) with yoga moves, my physio exercises, added a hoop for alignment and then some little quirky things of my own to add to the flow:

We start with our breath. Taking time to focus on full and deep yogic breaths.

We use the hoop to guide our spinal movement to promote a healthy spine.

  • Flexion & Extension
  • Lateral Extension
  • Axial Rotation
  • Axial Extension

Bringing our awareness to our breath with simple movements.

Let me guide you through this moving meditation that lubricates your spine & gives you a great internal massage at the same time.

Hooptation is for everyone, not just for hoopers.