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Jewelz is Hula Hoopin’ it Up in Sydney & anywhere else her Hoops may Spin her to!

Jewelz ofJewelz A Hoopz

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The short 151cm version…that’s me Jewelz!

I love to play & dance so what better job to have than to teach hoops!

If I can bring some joy, happiness, laughter, play, fitness & fun into someones day (especially mine) then I’m one happy lady.

   “Little Miss Hoopy Loopy!” 

 Now for the ramble……………………………..

 Apparently I didn’t want to hula hoop when I was a kid but somewhere deep inside me “little miss hoopy loopy” emerged.

I’ve been hula hooping since 2006. It all started off as just a fun way to get fit & I could take them with me when I travelled.

Me & my loopy hoops travelled all over Oz & to Asia…Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, China, India…they got a little tattered & torn but they loved it & so did the locals…what a great way to meet people.

In 2008 I met a beauitful woman, Lydia, who used Art Therapy to work with women who had been sold into the sex slave industry in  Asia. She now has a non-profit organization The Art2Healing Project – Empowering the world through the Healing Arts (www.theart2healingproject.org)

I wondered if the hula hoop could be used for therapy & she was excited & said “for sure”. This planted a seed in me…bought me back home with the intention to set up a hula hoop business, learn more about the hoop & in time I could use the hoop to help people not just in having fun & getting fit but on a spiritual level too.

 I completed the Hoopempire Teacher Training course in both 2007 & 2009 with Bunny Star. She teaches a combo of circus technique & American hoop dance and is highly regarded as a teacher in the industry.

 I’ve been inspired through training and attending the Tasmanian Circus Festival (which is on every 2 years – 2007 & 2009 & recently 2011), Yos Worth who’s a trainer with the Flying Fruit Flies in Albury, WOW Circus in Wollongong clowning classes, Andrew Cory’s Redspoon Clowning Intensive, Hoop Camp Retreat near Santa Cruz (USA), Harbin Hoop Jam near San Francisco (USA), Sydney Juggling Convention, through the many hoopers in the hooping community, yoga and various dance classes such as contemporary, burlesque and contact improvisation.

 Sunset Hoopin at Butterfly Beach CA USA 2009Inspired at Circus Festival 2009 I dreamt of having a Hoop Festival & then found out about Hoop Camp in America. And since found out that there are many more hoopy festivities around the world.

In 2010 my dream to have a Hoop Festival in Australia was realized. November 2010 Australia’s first ever hooping event “HOOPY HAPPENINGS” was born! To be an annual convergence of hoopers…to hoop, to play, to create & to spin together!

 I am also a Laughter Yoga facilitator. 

 I have gained accreditation with the Australian Sports Commission to coach through their Active After-School Communities program, their motto is “Playing for Life”! It’s a combination of exercise & fun to help promote healthy living.

 I hold a Working with Children Police Check certificate and have worked in the Active After-School Communities program since Term 2, 2009. 

I completed my Fitness Certificate III in June 2010 & Fitness Certificate IV in December 2010, at Loftus Tafe.

I am now registered with Fitness Australia! Yippeee!

Level One Exercise Professional

  • Gym Instructor
  • Aqua Instructor
  • Group Exercise Freestyle
  • Exercise & Children
  • Exercise & Older Adults
  • Strength & Conditioning Instructor

Through the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) program I was able to fulfill my dream of starting up my own hoop business. A great Government initiative to help people start up their own small business.

I have learnt since I’ve been back that people hoop for many reasons & that many people with a disability, like depression, (not just the women that orginally planted the seed) can benefit from hooping.

My journey is still continuing…..

The more I hula hoop, through the amazing people I meet  & through studies I hope to acheive my goals.

I was blessed by the Hoop Goddesses & Gods this year as I embarked on my Hoopy Volunteering Adventure and joined a team of crazy, beautiful circus peeps that gather together once a year under the SPARK Circus umbrella & go off spreading joy & play with Burmese refugee kids living on the Thai/Burma border area around Mae Sot, Thailand.

After that mission was accomplished I headed off on my own mission and worked with the kids at The Green Gecko Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Me, my hoops, 50more hoops for them to keep & a whole lot of giggles…we worked toward our goal of putting on a hoop show…which was amazing because they were! I so want to go back & experience these adventures again. But a new adventure awaits!

For more information about this adventure check out the page: http://www.jewelzahoopz.com/volunteering-adventure-2012/

2012 sees me in my “Hoop Dreams Do Come True” whirl as I received a grant from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust to go overseas to study hooping & hoop festivals and bring back the hoopiness to the Australian Hoop Community. So on the 15th July 2012 I will embark on the next “Adventure-Mission”…

And then if my dreams continue to come true you should see me published by the end of the year! Woo Hoo!

I do love my life!

May the HOOP be with YOU!

 In Hoopy Loopy Happiness